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Zaria’s been writing songs since she could vocalize.

At 16 she immersed herself in song-writing and quickly discovered: “I can do this… I LOVE DOING THIS!”

She’s produced 8 albums but perhaps you never heard her, until now… on Zaria’s 11 Track New Album, The Roundabout.


Zaria Van Jaarsveld – The Roundabout – 11 Track Album

The album showcases the full breadth of Zaria’s musical and lyrical explorations – including Pop, Indie Folk, Afrikaans and Gospel songs.   Immaculately produced over a period of 6 months in the pristine studio of Wayne Pauli (The Stremes),   the album intimately captures Zaria’s live in-studio vocal & acoustic guitar performances, with lush harmony layers.   Featuring a full acoustic band production on ‘No Radio Song’ and ‘Rondom Jou’ and Wayne’s haunting electric guitar layers on ‘Miss You’.

Zaria Van Jaarsveld – The Roundabout – 9 x Music Videos & Behind The Scenes

Zaria produced an unprecedented nine Music Videos and a Behind The Scenes clip for The Roundabout album. Filmed and edited by Liam Solo and his small crew at five outdoor locations including the top of Table Mountain and a home studio. You can enjoy all the Music Videos on Zaria’s YouTube Channel.

Zaria Van Jaarsveld – Photographs: LightPainting & Music Videos Behind The Scenes

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